Rolanoid - The Ocean (feat. Bstylez)

Friend, Fan and now Featured Vocalist. Those are the sun hats Bianca Walter has worn since hanging out with me from 2014. Having both lived in Perth and re-introduced through a mutual Cairns friend, we both soon discovered a similar love of music such as Rufus and in particular 80's bands. After hearing my heavily 80's influenced Rolanoid tracks Bianca soon started wearing out Rolanoid CD's in her car stereo on trips to and from the local Cairns waterfalls.

In early 2016 I was putting the finishing touches to my latest track but was unable to get permission to use the vocals I was first wanting to use. I decided to write my own original lyrics and got Bianca to record them. With the new vocals it was quite a big departure from what the song started out as and with some changes to the music too it became a new song in itself being titled The Ocean. We decided to give Bianca the moniker Bstylez.

I was heavily influenced in the 80's and 90's by Depeche Mode and their songs, many of which contained deep spiritual themes. Song writer Martin Gore would never give away the full meaning of them, preferring listeners instead to find their own meaning. I too was inclined to keep the full meaning of The Ocean to myself but I owe a great debt of gratitude to my Buddhist teacher Ajahn Brahm during whose silent meditation retreats I found such inner bliss and joy that was so liberating and forever changed my perspective on what was important and what wasn't and where happiness and joy actually come from. The Ocean is a song about those internal states which we all have access to if we seek them earnestly enough.

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