Rolanoid - The Chillout Collection

The source of inspiration for music comes from all sorts of places you might never guess. This week for Rolanoid Unpacked we visit The Chillout Collection again and Solar Kiss whose title was inspired by nude sunbathing.

It's Summer 2005 in the Northern Hemisphere and I'm living in a tiny attic room in leafy North London. Somehow I've squeezed a small home studio in here too and have been working feverishly on my album Electronique. This particular day I'm blessed by a beautiful blue sky with glorious sunshine pouring in the skylight of my room. I decide to take a break, fling open the skylight and lie down on the floor to grab some welcome rays. The sun feels good and nurturing on my usually sun deprived skin. The sun's energy pours into me and soon I want to bathe my entire body in it and strip off and experience my first revelation of nude sun bathing. It feels so good and liberating, quickly coming to the realisation that the nudists are not crazy perverts after all. After a while I feel so happy, energised and light and get up to listen to the track I'm working on. The music consumes me and I start dancing while the sun continues to kiss my naked body. I suddenly realise I have the name of the track.

If you're stuck indoors or it's cold and wet outside I hope the sunlight pours out of this track and warms your soul. It also seems good listening to this on the beach too if your lucky enough to be doing that. Get your Solar Kiss on The Chillout Collection at Spotify, Bandcamp, or iTunes USA, iTunes AUS

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