Freaky Drum - Rolanoid

I had a good feeling about MySpace and set up a profile in 2005 just before it went stratospheric. It was an amazing time before the majors had muscled in and the spammers started flooding it. It felt like a level-playing field where an independent artist's music could be judged on merit and even rub shoulders with the big players if it was of a suitable calibre. I soon built up a strong following and was getting great feedback and Top 10 chart positions. Into this exciting period of possibility I released Freaky Drum, at the time a quirky dance track that I had uncharacteristically put together in just 3 days. When inspiration struck the vocal was recorded straight into my mp3 player as my studio gear was still in storage from my recent move from London to Melbourne so this vocal recording had to suffice and actually worked fine in the mix. The track was created on a laptop with Ableton Live and mixed on headphones and a pair of PC speakers.

Freaky Drum was originally released on my Electronique album in 2006 and went into the Top 5 on MySpace alongside mainstream artists Moby, Basement Jaxx and Paul Van Dyk. The days soon focused around hundreds of MySpace friend requests, label contract offers and remix requests. The best bit was having major artists post comments on my profile including one from Mark Moore of S'Express fame and a track that had greatly inspired me and also spurred me into buying a very expensive sampler back in the 90's resulting in me suddenly having no money for food, gas for hot water or bus fare to work and having to be bailed out by my lovely Auntie Carol!

Here then are some of my favourite comments I received on MySpace in 2006: (Language Warning)

Beautiful - Billie Ray Martin

Great productions~! Much success... - Alannah Myles

dude if your music was playing in a clothes store i would like buy f***ing everything. - Carl Northcore

i am completely addicted to 'freaky drum'. Fantastic! I love it! - Taz Alexander (Juno Reactor)

I totally approve! - Mark Moore (S'Express) 

wicked music - Mike Koglin

Nice tracks, great production! - Utah Saints

we're mad for FREAKY DRUM !!
bang on mate!! - BOX

I am dancing on top of my sofa jumping uP AnD dOwN!
Cool baby you make me DANCE
SMOOCHES- BomberGirl

Incredible production...finally some progressive house is out with some depth..."nice work" would be an understatement - Supadupafly

holy mother of jesus.
i love it.
...never stop. just never stop!
-Tambi Wambi

Get your freak on and maybe even some trampolining on the sofa! Listen to Freaky Drum at Spotify, Bandcamp, or iTunes USA, iTunes AUS

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