Forgiveness - Rolanoid

Forgiveness is a track about the power of forgiveness - the power and liberation of forgiving another, asking for forgiveness as well as forgiving yourself. This was a big theme in my life when I wrote the song and I was using the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono forgiveness and reconciliation prayer quite extensively at the time.

The words and melody for the vocal version of Forgiveness came to me very quickly which was a relief as the initial music was the complete opposite. Forgiveness actually started out as the Instrumental Remix. The initial idea was just the intro which I came up with in 2010 but lay abandoned in my ideas folder until late 2013 when I decided to do something with it and develop it into a full track. The next twelve months saw health issues, a relocation and many production and mix sessions until it was finally ready along with a new vocal version sung by a vocalist in LA called Kelsey. I also did a remix (Back To Me Mix) as well as two additional remixes (Back To Me Arp Mix) and (Paradise Dub Mix) which followed a bit later.

Some of the tracks by dance artists BT, Paul Van Dyk, Matt Cerf,  Kaskade and Deadmau5 have inspired me over the years and I think those influences show in this track.

Forgiveness was a semi-finalist in the 2015 International Songwriting Competition.

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